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  The best gift idea youv'e ever had.  Four artisitc styles are available for a truely unique piece.
Email me with details & quote;

House Portraits:
  A home owner often has great pride in their house.  A drawing of past, current, or new home is a great addition to any wall.
Email me with details & quote;

Logo Design:
  Give your company an identity.  100% original & usefull for media such as letterhead, websites, & vehicles. Email me with details & quote;

Ordering Information:
Due to the nature of the art work and the personal time put into these projects, a 50% deposit is required before your project is begun.  Reference photographs can be sent by email, postal mail, or even a live setting is availble if needed.  Scanned progress of drawings along the way can be sent through email if needed.

     Completed project will be scanned and emailed to you for final approval.  Once payment in full has been received, the finished project will be sprayed with a protective matte finish and a temporary black mat will also be provided.  Frame is not included in price.  This is done since glass cannot be mailed & style of frame really should be chosen by recipient.  Item will then be insured and mailed by priority mail.  No extra charges for shipping, insurance, etc.

Mailing Address:
Michael Ponchot
4422 Collier Drive
Columbus, OH 43230

Personal references available on request.
     If you have any questions at all, please let me know.  I look forward to hearing from you,